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Why Us?
General Insurance
  • Expertise in Local & Foreign Insurance markets
  • Professional Guidance for comprehensive and cost-effective risk management service
  • Thorough knowledge of the insurance companies
  • Advise to get the best cover among the options available
  • Advise on getting prompt Claims settlements
  • Advise on getting maximum discount from insurance companies
Treaties Reinsurance
  • Designing Reinsurance Program for both Traditional & Non-Traditional Classes of business
  • Securing the best terms
  • Completion of placement with rated securities
  • Prompt collection of claims including cash calls
  • Preparation of renewals well in advance.
Facultative Reinsurance
  • Obtaining best lead terms for all classes of business including specialty lines
  • Securing support from the rated markets on quoted proposals
  • Prompt issuance of documents and settlement of claims
  • Review of contracts entered by the insured to assess the exposure which need to be covered
Good Relationships in International market
  • Having good relations with all the Major International Reinsurance Underwriters in all the regions of Europe, Middle East, Far East Africa, Australia.
Good Relationships in Indian market
  • Good business relations with all the Insurance Companies